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He was far too young, couldn’t be older than twenty, really – but when he smirked at her like that, how the fuck could she even resist him?

Being an Army brat means that every new town is a chance to start over.

Talking darkspawn and a reminder of the man who murdered her family are just the start.

In order to be the Queen her country and husband need, Tess must also be Warden-Commander - whether she likes it or not.

If it is in the eyes, to clear the eyes have the victim lie down, turn his head to the side and wash the eyes with water or saline.

You are removing the micro-pulverized powder from the eyes and face and not washing it over into the other eye.

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Lo que hace a una fantasía ser lo que es, es que son representaciones mentales de lo que se desea con mayor ímpetu. Walton knows it's bullshit, knows Daly is fucking with him to humiliate him further in front of the crew; knows that Daly is normally only too happy to have his personal sex toy on his knees, sucking cock for all he's worth. Kylo is surprised, but totally into getting fucked by the skinny, ginger.

The first 4 chapters are the same in this story as in the original work, so they won’t be posted here.