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John Hus, and others would be labeled “heretics” and would be martyred for their boldness.

To further assert authority over the masses the doctrine of Papal Infallibility would be added to this list of errors.

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Just as the Waldensians are the most persecuted of all protestant denominations, the Coptic Christians of Egypt are the most persecuted of ALL Christian denominations, period.Were it not for a letter to Mohammed to "spare the Copts as they are your 'kin;" The Coptic Christians would have possibly been driven out or worse, wiped out.But they survived and still exist today and are constantly in the news for all of the atrocities that the Muslim Brotherhood inflict upon them.The Church was unified and each congregation was generally denoted by its geographic location. Today, there are active ecumenical efforts to arrive at a peaceful, harmonious co-relationship within the Body of Christ.

Writings of Ignatius and Iraneus (Against Heresies) would begin to extol the Apostle Peter as the first Bishop of Rome and the preeminence of the Roman See over all other regions.

If I were trapped on the proverbial island in the middle of nowhere, and could only pick one contemporary Roman Catholic theologian to share my solitude, I'm quite sure it would be Matthew Levering.

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