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22-Jun-2017 02:12

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So here’s the “short” version of a long, very complicated answer.Determining whether your trust or the trust beneficiaries will pay the tax on your inherited IRA distributions will depend on how quickly the trust pays out the money it receives from the inherited IRA.So you, too, should retitle the account as an "inherited IRA." For example, say John Jones leaves his IRA to his daughter, Joan.Joan should retitle it "John Jones IRA (deceased Aug. Even financial professionals don't always know the rules, Slott says. The money you put in the plan is invested in mutual funds. Get investment advice and money-saving tips in the AARP Money Newsletter. Mistakes are painfully common when IRAs are passed to heirs, says Ed Slott, author of The Retirement Savings Time Bomb … One wrong move and the entire IRA will be taxed rather than tax-deferred.Once funds are distributed from your trust to your trust beneficiaries, that post-death control is lost, so it’s important to balance these two interests carefully.

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If that’s the case, then chances are that you have questions about how, exactly, that would work.When Mary reaches age 59-1/2, she should retitle the account again, this time in her name alone.