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Micchi arrives at the school approaches Karin and Kazune saying good morning as he kisses Karin on the forehead and Kazune on the lips after that he begins to investigate Kazune and Karin.While Karin, Kazune and Himeka are searching for Karin's ring they bump into Kirio and Kirika.Because Karin lost her ring, Kazune is left to protect Himeka by himself, until Karin gets her ring back.And with the help of Kazusa she defeats Kirio and Kirika.Karin finds a cat in her room that looks remarkably like her dead cat Shii-chan. He heads for a suspiciously locked room,and asks Karin to stay away from it.Meanwhile, Karin begins to make friends at Sakuragaoka and Kirio plans his next attack.Meanwhile, Kirio tells Kirika that the festival is a perfect opportunity for them, but Kirika is hesitant.Kirika has arrived at the festival and is searching for Karin.

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Karin cheers up when she meets a cute upperclassman named Kirika, but is soon confronted by a goddess.Karin learns that if she is one of the bottom twenty on the next test, she's going to be kicked out of Sakuragaoka.Kazune agrees to help Karin study, but she must not only deal with his study sessions, but the Kazune-Z and Kirio as well.Karin could not control the power of the ring but they were rescued by two strangers.

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When Karin awakes, she is in the present and dismisses the previous events as a dream.A few days later, Karin meets his cousin, a young girl named Himeka Kujyou and then the ring that her mother gave her begins to glow mysteriously. Rika says that their current power weren't enough to destroy the seed.