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Everything in this comedy of changes, lies and misunderstandings hurries towards an inevitable catastrophe, which in the end turns out, paradoxically, to be the most fortunate solution.This gem of a classic situation comedy from experienced British dramatist Robin Hawdon has zipped around all the stages of Europe since its premiere in 1994! October 2016 zdroj The dramaturges of Brno City Theatre like to mix thought-provoking plays together with a wide range of comedies in roughly equal proportions, grasping the fact that the primarily recreational function of the theatre for audiences means witty works continue to have a natural place on the repertoire.It takes place in a cosy apartment in a village hotel during the busy morning before a wedding, and the embarrassing opening situation reminds one e.g.of Feydeau’s more then a hundred-year-old The Girl from Maxim’s: the bridegroom wakes up with hangover amnesia after a night of partying and finds himself in bed with an unfamiliar girl, which is, according to the well-tested principles of the genre, the source of various exchanges, excuses and misunderstandings which result in a paradoxical end, or the opportunity for a new beginning.As the bride, Rachel, Lenka Janíková expressed her character’s middle class reservedness and bossy authoritativeness.The spectators can also see Lucie Zedníčková, who has recently joined the ensemble, as the erotically seductive chamber maid who gets involved in the intrigues, as well the bride’s naive mother Daphne, dressed in a pink suit and a hat and trying to keep up appearances (acted by Irena Konvalinová).

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(…) The dramaturgically rich repertoire of the Drama Theatre of Brno City Theatre strives to maintain a balance between demanding and relaxing titles.He starts in a state of frightened and hysterical confusion because of the presence of the likeably honest, kind and pleasant Judy in his bedroom in the morning (Hana Holišová), and then goes on to become entangled in a web of camouflaging lies - much to the great appreciation of the audience.A good type contrast to him is his more moderate and manly friend and best man, Tom, acted by Petr Štěpán, who gradually sinks into choleric fits of jealous anger.It gives you a still greater appreciation for the sensitively played character of the chambermaid, Julie.

Lucie Zedníčková, a new member of the ensemble who plays a character far younger than her, really is a great catch for Brno.

Wedding ceremonies and the moments before them are often fateful life-changing situations. What else can he do but immediately hide her in the bathroom and with the bountiful help of best man Tom and the unfortunate Julie who gets herself mixed up in the whole mess, try to conceal everything from his bride-to-be and her mother, while the father is busily drinking to their health and beginning to be a mild thorn in the side of the hotel staff.