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17-Nov-2017 11:02

Remember the 7.8 magnitude quake that levelled Kathmandu, Nepal on April 25, which killed 8,800? In the darkness, we are equally together and alone.

Kathmandu: Killer shocks confirm the dogs’ premonition Maude Froberg, Communications Manager of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, recorded the haunting howling dogs in a report dated May 15. We sleep in the streets, in the tents, in the parks. All the senses are amplified, each sound is recorded, every movement in the ground.” “The worst thing is the dogs’ howling just before the earthquake.

One lone official however, in Qinglong County took it seriously, held emergency meetings July 25-26 that year to prepare an order of evacuation of 400,000, but alas, this quake did not have a swarm of minor 500 foreshocks like that of Haicheng-Yingkou and struck suddenly at 4am when all were asleep, which accounts for the massive casualties!

But it was clearly predicted pretty accurately, when and where and size.

Attitude problem crept in though, as a lot people assumed Tangshan was quake-free.

Rather, a writer attributed it to the ‘mass participation strategy’ (or community science UMS talks about now) introduced by the late Premier Zhou Eng Lai, following a comprehensive destruction of five million houses and 5,000 dead inflicted by a 6.8-7.2 magnitude quake which hit Xingtai March 29, 1966, followed by a near-month long of big after-shocks.

Zhou’s mantra was’ Prevention first, earthquake prediction through joint efforts of ordinary people and professionals, and combination of traditional and modern (western) method’.

Thousands of reports of unusual animal behaviour were recorded in the general area throughout those six weeks. Young pigs ran around, chewed off each other’s tails.

When snakes emerge from hibernation Most unusual and startling of all – snakes emerged from deep winter hibernation and froze to death on the surface!

It’s the primary wave before the earthquake that animals feel.