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Till now, the uncertainties faced by the TRANSCO are normally considered as independent factors, however, immersed in the future smart grid surroundings, as a profit chasing commercial player, an extra pressure for the TRANSCO is to fully understand the high correlations among these uncertainty diversities hidden in the transmission planning process to flexibly balance the intermittent recourses and stochastic consumptions.In this paper, the wind power and PV energy are selected to represent the renewable energy caused uncertainties.It was stated by the historians that the country Ahiyava or Arzova written on the tablets of Hittites would have been Pamphylia (Antalya). Alanya, which has one of the most remarkable views on Turkey's south coast, lies on a rocky peninsula jutting into the sea.It possesses interesting houses, sheer precipices, and fortification walls.In this paper, a stochastic multi-period multi-objective transmission planning (MPMOTP) model is proposed to reduce correlated uncertainties from renewable energy generation, conventional generation, demand-side variations, market price volatility, and transmission configuration. social CO reduction benefit, energy purchase and network expansion cost and power delivery profit, are optimized simultaneously by a developed two-phase multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) method.

, soaring to a height of 1.665 metres from among the surrounding travertine mountains of Antalya, which average only 200 metres above sea level. and was the earliest of the ancient writers to mention Perge, states that the city was in Pamphylia.Strabo, proceeding west to east in his description of Cilicia, starts... As understood from the early documents, cargo and human transportation had been made on the river, from the very first centuries till recent years.