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When that's done, the link will also be posted here. I want to say more here, because I have for the other translations, but you know my poor language skills already, and the link My blog is thefringeperson dot blogspot dot com dot au, for those who are interested in that sort of thing. I blog once a week, and try to put serious thought into it. Like my blog, it is thefringeperson dot tumblr dot com. Just getting it out there to those who are interested. That's (now, let's see if I can actually get link to work...) @crossovernut - initially, it was just a place that auto-copies my Tumblr, but I'm starting to use it a little more for other things now too. Having never faced these creatures before, he determines to go.

I used to have a functioning, outgoing link, dammit! It still updates every time I put something on Tumblr though.

Trinian's, Pet Shop of Horrors, xxx HOLi C, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Rise of the Guardians, Brave, 2012, Hercules, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kamisama Hajimemashita/神様はじめました, Captain America, and Looking for Group. I am utterly open to other people using my stories as plot bunnies, fleshing them out differently and turning them into new stories.

Correct spelling of some words in Australia, where I am, is different to correct spelling of some words in America. You don't even have to ask permission, though that's nice, and I'd really like to get a note from you with a link to the fic, so that I can let my readers know about there being more of some story that they like but I've stopped. If I say that a story is complete, then that is what I mean. If the actions of the Angel on the Layer are controlled by the thoughts of the Duce, then what would happen if the Duce were to fall asleep connected to the Layer?

You are free to ask me to write a sequel, but I am unlikely to be accommodating unless a rabid plotbunny simultaneously makes the same demand.

Because sweethearts, it's called Fan Fiction for a reason. She hopes they don't decide to have the famous "Shaggy Sandwiches" for dinner... I admit to having to read it twice, and then reading it a third time because after reading it twice, I decided one more time for the thrills. It's Shokunin Hiei (aka Harry) from my fic Ring Around the Wrong Neck, and the fabulous artist is Mizuki Yumeko. It's called 'Nibel Wolves', and is inspired by my fic Tales of the Nibel Mountains. I'm completely open to people wanting to translate my fics, and plenty of people have asked (and been given permission) to do so, but Nici is the first to have followed through and send me a link to put up here. This can be found over on deviantart, with the name of the art piece being the name of the character, and I'm thrilled. I'm all squiggles and squirms with how happy this makes me. So for those that know the language (or are learning), check it out! It's been too long since Matt pulled the cleaning supplies out of their cupboard. Please note that this trope applies when a creator (writer, director, etc.) ceases work on a project, not a participant (actor, well... Also note that since all creators are mortal, this is not merely when creators die, it's when they die with works still in progress.

This might result in The Character Died with Him, where the show goes on without the character a dead actor portrayed, or Fake Shemp, where there is an attempt to disguise the absent actor.Worse would be if the series just isn't popular enough to justify going through the effort to find a new author, leaving fans to wonder What Could Have Been.

The paper argues that claims about general Muslim radicalisation in the region constitute a myth not supported by evidence."The myth acts as a legitimating device for the militant secularism of weak regimes," the paper says.… continue reading »

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