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17-Dec-2017 09:08

At this time COORP is looking for help to keep this going.

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Before I get into the details of how this has come to pass, please realize that BOR is not by any means dead, and will continue to thrive through 2015 and beyond.Once BOR inspected the course post-race, we understood the position of BLM and their threat of a potential one year suspension from racing on BLM land.We soon realized that the goals of BOR, the racers, and the BLM were all slightly out of alignment.I think it is important to start with a recent history of BOR, especially the events and circumstances leading up to and including to the Wendover 2014 Rewound Race, and what transpired following the race.

Throughout the years, BOR has established a philosophy to become a racing organization that preserves and protects the rights to hold sanctioned, small, low impact, everyman races on BLM land in Nevada, Utah and elsewhere, while doing restoration work on public roads in order to preserve those routes used by environmental researchers and activists, hunters, ranchers, and motorized and non-motorized recreators alike.

They DO vary and the rulebook and class build specifications aren’t necessarily the same.

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